Become the Leader You were Meant to Be - Workshop


Become the Leader You were Meant to Be - Workshop


JAN 29, 2018


Do you ever struggle to stay connected to your purpose and power?
Do you ever feel unable to express your true values and feelings to others in meaningful and compelling ways?

If so – this workshop is for you.

In this free, 90 minute workshop we will explore:

• Living a Life of Alignment - How to connect to & protect what you really want, need & value in life
• Leadership Presence – Non-verbal cues that convey confidence (both inwards within you and out to the world)
• Powerful Expression – How to convey your feelings, ideas, challenges and opinions in a powerful and compelling way

This workshop will focus on tools for women... However, men interested in the material (also very applicable for men!) are totally welcome to attend as well. 

SPACE IS LIMITED - register today!

Yes, I want to become the leader I am meant to be!