Your Inspiring Personal Vision - The Key to Confidence: An interactive workshop


Your Inspiring Personal Vision - The Key to Confidence: An interactive workshop


Do you ever feel like you lack a sense of purpose, direction or motivation in your day to day life? How about a strong sense of self-worth? 

Our sense of meaning, self-worth and confidence are all deeply affected by what we contribute to the people in our life and the world and society we live in. 

Our personal vision is our blueprint for what matters to us, what brings us joy and how we most want (and need!) to give to the world. 

BUT oftentimes, we are not in touch with it because it is deeply hidden from us - under a sense of obligation or unconscious fear(s). 

What if it was possible to discover and harness your personal vision so that you could live each day of your life more inspired, effective and meaningfully?

Join this evening, interactive, free MeetUp workshop to learn tools that will help you dive into, and live inspired from, your very own personal vision.

Here's what you can expect from the Workshop:

  • Learn more about what a powerful personal vision is and is not so you can feel clear on where you are at
  • Gain powerful tools that will help you to contact your own personal vision and that you can use whenever you need 
  • Leverage this new-found awareness of your vision to determine a highly practical, working hierarchy of priorities that you can apply for years to come
  • Leave the session with a clear plan of action on what unique action you need to do next to bring greater joy, fulfillment and confidence into your life

...Not to mention...Not to mention a FREE 'LIVE YOUR VISION' Workbook - a workbook specifically designed to help you take powerful action to move into your vision faster and more fully, in just a few minutes a day.

If this sounds like something that would be of use to you – please join us!

*PLEASE BRING A JOURNAL or SOMETHING TO WRITE IN & A PEN. We will be doing some reflective writing during our time together :).

**PLEASE NOTE - though you will be asked to enter your payment information you may leave the credit card info blank. You will not be charged anything for your 'purchase'.

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