The Courage to Be Seen: How to Show Up as the Leader you are Meant to Be

Tuesday, May 29: 6:30-8pm


-Do you ever feel that you fall into the role of ‘silent supporter’ in your workplace or community, quietly getting things done unseen, unheard and under-appreciated in the background?
-Do you too often sacrifice your own needs and direction for the agendas of others?
-Do you ever doubt your abilities causing you to hesitate or hold back?
-Do you back down too easily from conflict or challenge to your point of view?

What if it were possible to be seen and heard fully as the inspiring leader you were meant to be?

This free, interactive workshop will give you breakthrough insights and practical actions you can take immediately to gain the courage and confidence it takes to be seen and step more fully into the leader you were meant to be.

You Will Learn:
• The most important foundation of confidence so that you can feel great and gladly step into being seen more fully
• Profound and effective practices for moving through the doubts and fears that hold you back and keep you hiding or unseen
• How to embrace and include your insecurities and imperfections and transmute them into strengths
• One simple and powerful technique to literally step more fully into the leader you are meant to be today

This workshop is for you if:
-You aspire to greater leadership, but are held back by lack of confidence
-You are not fully satisfied with the power and impact of your presence
-You want to step more fully into the leader you are meant to be

SPACE IS LIMITED - Reserve your spot today!

What to bring: Your open mind, desire to learn and something to take notes with :).

Where to go: Meeting room 420 (4th floor) of the University of Calgary downtown campus


PARKING: There is a paid lot on the South side of 8th Ave SW and a decent amount of street parking that is free after 6pm.

*Please do your best to allow yourself enough time to find parking and make it up to the meeting room so that you are on time for a 6:30pm start.

Find out more about Ruth, the workshop facilitator here.


Leadership from the Inside out: Embrace Your Power & Become the Leader You are Meant to Be - A Workshop for Women

Monday, JAN 29: 7-8:30pm

Do you ever struggle to stay connected to your purpose and power?
Do you ever feel unable to express your true values and feelings to others in meaningful and compelling ways?

If so – this workshop is for you.

In this free, 90 minute workshop, we will explore:

Register today!

• Living a Life of Alignment - How to connect to & protect what you really want, need & value in life
• Leadership Presence – Non-verbal cues that convey confidence (both inwards within you and out to the world)
• Powerful Expression – How to convey your feelings, ideas, challenges and opinions in a powerful and compelling way

SPACE IS LIMITED - Reserve your spot today.

This workshop will focus on tools for women... However, men interested in the material (also very applicable for men!) are totally welcome to attend as well.

What to bring: Writing utensil & writing surface of choice. For notes and some writing activities.

Where to go: Human Potential 360, 1231 9th Ave SE  Inglewood, Calgary


Important to know:
There is free parking on 9th Ave SE and neighbouring streets after 6pm. Please allow yourself at least 10 minutes to find parking and make it upstairs on time.

Any questions or concerns? Call and speak directly to Ruth @ 587-327-0207 or contact us via email.