Our Services

Embodied in Motion programs are for women- and a few good men ;) - who aspire to leadership but are held back by their self-doubt.

We help them become the confident leaders they are meant to be.

Program Benefits Include:

  • Clarity on your authentic vision for your life & work
  • Tools and experiences to get you feeling confident and great in your skin
  • Your very own 'Empowered Communication Plan'
  • Powerful alignment between your vision, values & daily actions
  • Prioritization and time management systems so that you are giving time to what matters most
  • First-hand, embodied understanding of your leadership presence
  • Foundational skills for powerful and inspiring expression so that you are seen and heard for the leader that you are


    Embodied in Motion programs are one-on-one, personalized programs, with Ruth Naomi Levin, conducted over the phone, video-call or in-person depending on your location.

    Every program includes guided movement/body-awareness work to ensure your integration of new understandings on the deepest level possible.


    Program clients experience:

    1. A deepened and improved relationship with your body - which connects you to a presence that inspires leadership and your true inner compass
    2. Crystal clarity on your purpose and what matters most to you 
    3. The ability to keep overwhelm at bay and live each day to its full potential
    4. Old patterns of self-sabotage, repression and fear released
    5. A new-found sense of confidence that supports effective and fearless self-expression that engages and inspires