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Occupy Your Body

Movement classes in Calgary, Canada

Do you spend most of your week sitting still, working on a computer? Join us for these weekly classes as we get into motion, sweat, move, release and grow our somatic (body-based/felt-sense) intelligence - right here in Calgary!

Common side-effects of this type of movement practice are:

  • Improve your overall physical health & well-being
  • Expand your sensory awareness: Experience colours as more vivid, sounds as richer, smells and tastes as more complex, gain greater sensitivity to sensations
  • Strengthen your body and increase muscle tone
  • Improve posture
  • Decrease pain and tension in the body
  • Create greater flexibility in both body & mind
  • Increase your movement efficiency, freeing up energy all day long
  • Experience greater comfort and pleasure in your own skin
  • Gain greater awareness of your emotional self
  • Improve your intuition
  • Access greater creativity
  • Increase your feelings of well-being, trust, joy and connection to others
  • Find greater presence in the moment
  • Gain greater ability to meet and transform feelings of distress, anxiety and fear
  • Increase your appreciation for the wonder and pleasure of the embodied experience
  • Get great exercise without even feeling like it's exercise!



WHEN:  Sundays, 10:30am-12pm. Jan 7 - June 17, 2018

*NOTE - NO CLASS on: May 6th 2018

WHERE:  Alberta Ballet Company Studios -   141   18 Ave SW, Calgary

       *NOTE - the outside door to the studio will be locked after 10:30am. If               you are late, please peak-in and knock gently on the window and                     someone will let you in. We are usually in studio B.

WHAT:  90min class that combines elements of dance, yoga & somatic practices. It is designed to leave you renewed, energized, refreshed and more deeply in touch with your body.

WHO:  Those wanting to get in touch with their own BodyMinds (no previous dance or movement experience necessary but those with experience will still benefit)

WEAR:  Stretchy or loose fitting clothing that is comfortable and doesn't restrict your motion in any way.


  • Layers - we will get more vigorous and slower paced at different stages in the class - bring clothes that will keep you feeling good, warm and comfortable throughout
  • Water bottle - it is important to hydrate, especially after class. There is no water fountain but sink in bathroom that can be used to re-fill your bottle.

HOW MUCH:  20$ drop-in / 15$ for students, seniors, dance artists & low-income OR purchase your 5 class pass for  80$.

Purchase your 5 class pass here. Skip the hassle/line-up and pay for class ahead of time here.

*NOTE: If cost is an issue for you and you still want to attend - pls reach out, and we can figure out another form of exchange that works for all of us. Embodied in Motion aims not to exclude anyone for lack of funds.