Embody the Leader you are Meant to Be

what you can embody you can become

Leadership coaching for women

At Embodied in Motion we work with women who aspire to Leadership but are plagued by self-doubt.                 We help them become the confident leaders they are meant to be.

Do you find yourself consistently sacrificing your own needs and direction for the agendas of others?

Do you doubt yourself and abilities causing you to hesitate or hold back?

Do you back down too easily from conflict or challenges to your point of view?

Do you aspire to step into bolder leadership for the things that matter most to you but feel held back by a lack of confidence?

Maybe you find yourself saying, "I'm not really a leader". Or maybe you hear others telling you so. Maybe it seems like someone else must know better or have more experience or a stronger, louder voice...

Yes, leadership takes clarity, alignment between your values and your actions, powerful presence, self-expression and communication skills but above all it takes...

 BELIEF IN YOURSELF and the goodness you are meant to bring to this world.

At Embodied in Motion we recognize that a leader lies within each of us... Especially those of us who are called.

And all it takes to draw her forth is a little guidance and support.

At Embodied in Motion we get you that support, along with our expertise of having helped other women just like you.  Get deeply connected inwards, find clarity and control of your life, feel a new sense of confidence, express yourself powerfully and experience yourself boldly stepping forward into the leader you are meant to be.

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