Fighting Fear

Frozen by Fear of What Others Think of You?

Have you ever been frozen by the fear of what others were thinking of you?

As a professional dancer, I went through a lot of my training obsessed with those around me were thinking of me, hanging off of every word that my teachers said to make or break my spirits. It was a brutal and debilitating pattern to be stuck in.

In reaching out for help I needed though, I gradually gained and mastered the mindsets and tools I needed to shift this.

The secret lay in learning how to return again and again to what was happening for me on the INSIDE - staying connected to what I was feeling in my body.

Embody Confidence Tip #3: Disarm Fear with Body Awareness

Embody Confidence Tip #3: Disarm Fear with Body Awareness

Fear, like any emotion, is experienced as felt sensations in the body. Shortness of breath, fast beating heart, tightness in your chest or guts, sweaty palms, dry mouth – these are signs and symptoms of fear.

Because a feeling of discomfort is inherent in these sensations, our instinct is to try to avoid or get away from what we are feeling. What we don’t realize is that it is by actually FEELING INTO the sensations happening in the body that they will then shift, lessen or dissipate of their own accord.