Top 3 Reasons you Should be Moving in the Morning... and an Awesome Way to Start Doing that Tomorrow

Top 3 Reasons you Should be Moving in the Morning... and an Awesome Way to Start Doing that Tomorrow

There are WAY more than three reasons to get into motion at the start of each day… But here are three that I find particularly compelling:

  1. Increase your productivity

  2. Have more confidence

  3. Connect to your intuition

It might seem too good to be true… but I assure you it is not. Read the full article to find out more, as well as an awesome way for you to get moving in the mornings and get these three benefits on a regular basis :).

Frozen by Fear of What Others Think of You?

Have you ever been frozen by the fear of what others were thinking of you?

As a professional dancer, I went through a lot of my training obsessed with those around me were thinking of me, hanging off of every word that my teachers said to make or break my spirits. It was a brutal and debilitating pattern to be stuck in.

In reaching out for help I needed though, I gradually gained and mastered the mindsets and tools I needed to shift this.

The secret lay in learning how to return again and again to what was happening for me on the INSIDE - staying connected to what I was feeling in my body.

Embody Confidence Tip #2: Let Your Imagination Guide You!

Embody Confidence Tip #2: Let Your Imagination Guide You!

Try this on for size… Who do you want to be 12 months from now? What about in 3 years? Or in 5 years? Tuning into who and how we want to be in the future is a powerful way to create and accelerate positive change. By deeply imagining an inspired version of ourselves in the future we can start to be that person today.

You Are How You Move

Next time you are in a busy public place take a look around you.

Notice people's bodies as they walk by, talking with their friends, looking at their phones or rushing to get somewhere. What do you see? Can you see how what people are thinking and feeling is broadcast through how they move and hold themselves?

'Oh shit, I'm going to be late!' OR '...I don't know about this...' OR 'I'm exhausted!' OR 'I'm beautiful and I know it.'

Our physical presence says so much about who we are. When we make this conscious, we have the power not only to influence how we are perceived but also to genuinely shift how we feel and interact with the world from the inside out. A tall and well supported spine doesn't just tell the world that you are a vibrant and confident person, it tells your inner world the same thing.

So, next time you are rushing to work with your shoulders hunched forward and drawn up to your ears take a moment to breathe deep, relax your shoulders down your back and lengthen that spine of yours. Not only will it tell the world that you feel good about where and who you are, it will help you to genuinely feel that way.

Here's to enjoying being in skin!