Top 3 Reasons you Should be Moving in the Morning... and an Awesome Way to Start Doing that Tomorrow

There are WAY more than three reasons to get into motion at the start of each day… But here are three that I find particularly compelling:

1. Increase your productivity

To keep it simple, let’s remember that literally… movement turns your body on.

The body is designed for motion and doing so supports of all your major physiological systems to flow (ex: your cardiovascular (blood + oxygen) and your lymph (immune)). It also stimulates the release of pleasant, mood enhancing endorphins.

When the systems of our physical body are flowing and pleasant hormones are activated through our system - THIS is when we are at our most productive.

There are other reasons why movement increases our productivity but more on that with reason number three.

2. Have more confidence

The more time you spend paying the right kind of attention to your body, the more your experience of being IN it is going to be one that is pleasant and enjoyable. If you are in a place of enjoying your embodied experience that shows, and it doesn’t just show outside, it shows INSIDE, in that it affects the balance of chemistry in your body.

For example, Amy Cuddy, in her book ‘Presence’ explains how in a study she and her peers put together, they discovered that even after 2 minutes of holding a ‘powerful’ or ‘powerless’ pose, participant’s cortisol (stress hormone) levels were affected for the better or worse depending on which shape they held.

The more aware we are of our body and posture, the more ability we have to shift these into states and shapes that support us to literally feel more confident inside and radiate that outwards.

3. Connect to your intuition

Every single cell of your body (of which there are roughly 30 trillion!) is a living, breathing entity with its own type of intelligence. Each of these cells (as well as our body as a whole) is programmed to move towards health and wellness and away from pain and decay. Each of these cells expresses and communicates this intelligence through sense and sensation.

In my experience, intuition is our ability to be aware and feel into the the messages that these cells are sending us based off of the perceptions and intake of information that is happening 24/7. The more you are in your body, the more you are going to be tuned into the messages that this highly intelligent (very numerous!) committee that is YOUR BODY is constantly sending you.

What sort of shifts would be possible if your ability to make choices quickly, effectively and accurately in support of your health and wellness were maximized? The fact is that connecting into your body and vicariously your intuition supports you to make better choices ALL throughout your day. If this doesn’t increase the overall productivity of your life, I’m not sure what would.

Lastly, as well as the connection between this increase in your ability to sense your body (somatic intelligence) and intuition, movement that is explorative, creative and intentional connects you more deeply to your feeling self.

We know what/how we are feeling by the sensations through which they show up. For example, joy = sense of lightness, ‘exhilaration’ and warmth through the heart and chest, while sadness = pain or heaviness in the heart and chest.

The more you are aware of the sensations of your body, the more aware you are of what you are REALLY feeling. This in turn supports you to be connected to a deeper sense of intuition and better able to make choices that are truly aligned with who you are and what you value.

In short, deepening your awareness of your own body is a SUPER high-leverage (and cost effective ;) ) way to support positive change in your life. If you haven’t already, join me and the Embodied in Motion Community for a month (or more!) of online, morning classes, designed to help you do exactly this. Click here to find out more. Hope to into motion and embodied with you there!

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